Are you a surgeon who has a desire to grow his/her medical practice?

We, at ComHes, understand the need for you to embrace digital technologies and that is the reason we are here with timely solutions. Are you longing for general growth in your practice? Well, you have come to the right place because we are here to help.


Surgeons are estimated to be about 1.1 million in the whole world and most of them have their private facilities. Moreover, their practice has seen a shift from the traditional ways of doing things to new ways. The world is dynamic and so do surgical practices. With the advancement in technology, more surgeons are now rapidly embracing modern methods of marketing, customer service, and patient follow-up, as well as administrative functions. Financial management has also seen a shift from traditional ways of doing things.

As much as it is a lucrative and the most respected practice, practicing surgery requires more than delivering impeccable service. There is more that needs to be done. For example, you need to find out what the patients say about your services. You need to maintain a close association with both loyal and potential customers. And, you need to market, promote, analyze and evaluate the growth of your service delivery.

Our company is keen on listening to your service delivery, management, and administrative loopholes. It is when we understand the specifics of your practice that we can design the best solution for you. We already have several solutions that can be harnessed to suit the need to attain both short-term and long-term goals. It doesn't matter what types of goals are those but it is always our endeavor to provide solutions crucial for growing your surgical practice.


Being one of the top players in the industry, ComHes will provide multifaceted healthcare marketing services for your surgical practice or clinic, given an opportunity. It utilizes a team of specialists such as marketing strategists, IT professionals, digital marketing specialists, and experienced outreach teams. So, what do you stand to gain from the services being provided by our team?


With a passionate and experienced marketing specialist, we will provide you with the best market strategies. This will be aimed at ensuring that your clinic or surgical practice will be positioned in a manner that you will have an edge over your competitors. Marketing is the basis of placing your brand at the top of the chart.

With extensive experience and marketing skills our marketing strategist will help gain a competitive advantage through the following:

  • Helping you understand your customer identity
  • Extensive analysis of the market
  • In-depth analysis of your competitors
  • Define the marketing mix specific to your surgical practice
  • Determine your position in the overall market
  • Help you create a favorable marketing budget
  • Execute and implement a well-articulated marketing plan
IT professional services

IT Professional Services

ComHes has a team of capable IT professionals who will work closely with your business in ensuring that you have the right digital systems. Our IT specialists will always be available just to ensure that they offer help desk support, digital business analytical services, system engineering services, and network administration services.

We believe in the need for your clinic or hospital to embrace digital systems that are not only crucial for day-to-day service delivery in your facility but also for the management of business activities such as marketing and financial administrations.

Digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services

With a team of experienced and passionate digital marketing specialists, ComHes will help you design and adopt the best digital marketing tools. You will agree with me that it is the desire of every surgeon running a clinic or a hospital to understand and manage the publicity of his clinic as well as the services being provided. With more than ten years of experience, our company can help you adopt the best digital marketing tools.

Such marketing tools will be instrumental in ensuring that you are in a position to determine whether your services are gaining popularity or not. With top-notch marketing tools, areas of improvement will be identified and the right marketing strategies will be incorporated. We have the best healthcare digital marketing tools coupled with social media tools, search engine optimization, and media planning and management.

Outreach services by our healthcare veterans

Outreach Services by our Healthcare Veterans

We understand that even surgeons need not work in isolation. We also understand that you need a fruitful association. ComHes has had close ties with healthcare veterans who are highly instrumental in helping you create a desirable outreach for your clinic or hospital. The investment in veteran outreach is the basis of making your brand known, increasing customer inflow, and improving your overall revenue. ComHes is committed to steering your business toward your goals and towards success at any given time.

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