Do you have a dream of growing in terms of loyal patients, profits, and expansion?

Well, you need to stop wondering how to achieve that because comHes is right here to see you through your dreams. Just like any other medical practitioner, we believe that you would like to grow your practice as much as you can.


Research done by PubMed shows that as of 2020, there were over 200,000 ophthalmologists worldwide. You will agree with me that you are part of this statistic. From a close look at this figure, it can be concluded that patients have an extensive choice to make. But how do you make your practice stand out from the rest?

To stand out from the rest as an expert ophthalmologist, you need to make your services known to those who are not aware. You also need to maintain your loyal patients. To do that you need to promote yourself and the services you are providing.

We at comHes are committed to providing top-notch healthcare marketing and image management. We strive to help ophthalmologists like you grow their professional practice by remaining relevant and reaching out to more patients. With a focus on both short term and long-term goals of your business, we are ready to offer you our digital marketing and management services.


Running Analytics to promote Marketing Activities

Today's business success is highly dependent on marketing and so do you practice. We provide digital marketing services and the basis of our marketing activities is data. Before designing the best digital marketing strategy for your practice, we invest heavily in data analytics. This is crucial in accessing the best option to take when deciding what marketing technique and channel to use.

We do data collection and analysis on your behalf just to gain some insights on how to best position your services and practice. It is through such analytics that we can track key performance indicators crucial for determining the success of your practice.

Extensive monitoring of SEO performance Keyword Determination

We understand that your practice needs favorable online traffic and that is the basis of gauging your relevance and popularity. Search engine optimization is what we are best at and it is a less costly method online. We intend to do SEO monitoring and being experienced digital marketers we employ four main steps in actualizing that:

  • Creating relevant keywords - Your practice being a unique and complex one requires a unique set of keywords. With keyword planning tools, we will ensure that we avail the right keywords to the right target segment.
  • Evolution of keywords and phrases - keywords and phrases relevant to your practice need constant review. We strive to do a periodic review and summary of how the keywords chosen performed. This will be crucial in determining whether keywords need to be revised or not.
  • Avail a content plan - Content planning is the basis of prioritizing those keywords that are prone to attracting extensive searches. We are committed to ensuring that your online presence is upheld through proper keyword planning and management.
  • Content creation - Your ophthalmic practice should be laced with content and this is crucial for placing you at the center of a target market. With the ability to produce relevant and quality content, your ophthalmology practice and service will remain relevant as much as possible.

Availing Multichannel Marketing Approach

The world is continuously embracing various marketing and communication channels. To make sure that your ophthalmology practice needs to be in a position to utilize all the available digital marketing channels. This is a sure way of attaining a favorable number of leads, and a great number of audiences. The adoption of diverse channels is crucial as it provides an opportunity to lead potential clients to your landing page.

To help you achieve that, we will focus on the following to help you achieve your goals:

  • Social media marketing
  • Display or pop advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Email Marketing
  • Outreach



We are reliable and that has been accrued from being in the industry for twenty-three years. Our reliability is hinged on a pool of expert digital marketing professionals whose experience is key in understanding your special situation, goals, and your service niche.

Efficiency in Communication

At comHes, we prioritize ensuring that every client is provided with an opportunity to inquire, describe his/her needs and understand our capabilities. We provide various communication avenues and our engagement with you will always be fruitful.

We strive to deliver Results

With years of service coupled with a huge pool of digital marketing and management experts, we guarantee results within an agreed period. There is always a guarantee that we will deliver desired results at all costs.

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