Do you own an IVF center or a clinic?

We highly regard your services as your line of service delivery revolves around creating life. It is for that reason that ComHes is here ready to help you grow. At ComHes, we value your contribution to healthcare. We would like to be part of your journey towards ensuring growth, efficiency, and a favorable customer experience.

IVF Center
IVF Center

You will agree with me that your IVF clinic needs more than referrals from other hospitals and old patients for it to be known. Your popularity and brand visibility and awareness are very much dependent on extensive marketing. Yes, marketing; you heard that right. You own an IVF center and probably have hired an IVF specialist or a gynecologist, or are one. Considering that you are not a marketing specialist, ComHes is the right marketing, communication, and information partner.

Having been in the industry for more than a decade, ComHes has a solution to all your marketing, communication, information management, and business analytics. Here are some of the capabilities that we avail of to help you grow your IVF center service delivery.

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing

Long gone are those days when marketing was extensively disregarded in the field of healthcare. Just like any other business, marketing is slowly becoming a trend in modern healthcare service delivery. Healthcare marketing is now possible and thanks to technological innovations that have enabled sharing of information through various channels.

Healthcare marketing is somehow complex and multi-layered as compared to other undertakings. To achieve efficient and effective marketing, both traditional and innovative media is now playing a great role in enhancing patients' experience, customer patient loyalty, and onboarding of potential customers.

Healthcare Digital Marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing

The world of business and service delivery is very dynamic. The dynamism has been brought about by changing healthcare needs and the ever-increasing technological innovations that have become useful in healthcare. Most IVF owners are now considering a digital marketing method as it is the best way to popularize their brands and services.

At ComHes, we endeavor to provide your IVF clinic with a desirable marketing mix of digital strategies. We believe that this is the basis of promoting your healthcare marketing. In an attempt to engage different audiences, we consider the need to converge digital marketing with search engine optimization, social media, and media management.

Hospital Marketing

Hospital Marketing

Do you have a growth strategy? As an IVF specialist who owns a clinic or an IVF center, you need a growth strategy. One of the basic elements of growth strategy is hospital marketing. It entails putting in place a mechanism crucial for enhancing both short-term and long-term growth.

At ComHes, we strive to provide growth strategies on your behalf. With the help of a hospital marketing team, we will help you in designing and implementing growth strategies by integrating marketing communications with radiative growth strategies. With such a strategy in place, your growth will be hinged on extensive hospital marketing. That is what your IVF clinic needs for growth.



Our company has been in the industry for more than ten years. We enjoy 23 years of presence in healthcare marketing service provision. Over the years we have provided an array of marketing services that include:

Social Media Marketing and Management

This is a new method that has boosted healthcare marketing to the highest level. We strive to ensure that your business maintains a high social media presence. It is also our responsibility to manage your social media presence as well as undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of business visibility status.

Performing Analytics and Metrics Management

Your IVF clinic or center should be able to maintain a good social media and general online presence. Considering healthcare goals and requirements are unique, we strive to ensure the visibility of your business by performing a regular analysis of your digital presence. We also ensure that your performance metrics are managed with the seriousness it deserves.

Email Marketing

Just like any business, email marketing is crucial for IVF clinics and other related services. To boost the relevance of your clinic, there is a need to design a proper email marketing strategy. ComHes is here to ensure that brochures, newsletters, and health insights are scheduled and sent efficiently. Without digital marketing solutions, it is possible to schedule all those marketing messages with just a single click of a button.

Other services that are at your disposal include web design, search engine optimization, article writing, designing video interview tools, and keeping a close eye on your IVF clinic's social media progress. Being a healthcare service delivery docket, an IVF clinic/center needs more than just marketing. This calls for multivariate digital solutions.

Your clinic needs to be result-oriented and with effective communication, regular engagement, and extensive experience; comHes is always ready to offer marketing services as a way to help your IVF center grow. The best digital marketing solution rests with ComHes.

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