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Between the pandemic and the world crossing 8 billion people in population, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront of helping humanity survive both. With the tireless work of the healthcare industry in ensuring better living conditions and quality healthcare for everyone, the world is a better place.

Not only have they improved quality of life, but their continued efforts have also helped treat and cure various illnesses previously considered untreatable. So, as a person from that industry who's currently reading this page, congratulations on all the amazing things you have achieved with your hard work.

And now, you want to expand your horizons and move to introduce your business to the 2nd largest population in the world. Well, you're in the right place. At Comhes, it's our honour and privilege to help you do that. With our 25 years of experience in healthcare marketing, we can help you launch your brand in India and connect with the right target audience you wish to reach. How do we do that? Let's find out!

Launch Your Healthcare Business in India with COMHES

With an experience of over 25 years, Comhes has been at the forefront of healthcare marketing solutions in India. From the digital realm to outdoor marketing, we provide complete end-to-end solutions for our clients. Needless to say, the healthcare industry is more saturated today than ever in history, but we can help your business stand out and launch successfully in India. Here's a small case study of how we helped Vara AI launch in India to help you understand our field expertise.




Launched in 2018, Vara AI is an intelligent online platform that helps doctors detect breast cancer from mammography results. The AI detects signs of breast cancer that might be missed by the human eye. In 2022, they started working with Comhes to launch their brand in India.

Given India's huge population, breast cancer is an issue that plagues many women. Due to a lack of infrastructure, potential breast cancer cases were often left undiagnosed because of human error. Vara AI was the perfect solution to this problem, and we helped them reach every corner of Mumbai and soon pan India.

Comhes extensively studied the Indian healthcare industry and identified the ideal target audience for Vara Ai, following which we helped pitch to top diagnostic centres with remarkable success.

Now with our 25 years of healthcare marketing experience, we are now building a strong B2B network for Institutional sales. Our efforts helped Vara Ai introduce itself into a new market. Data collection from this new market will also help make their software more accurate in detecting potential breast cancer cases.


Our Services

Now that you know a bit about our field expertise, let's take a closer look at the healthcare marketing services we offer and employ to help our clients get a competitive edge in this ever-expanding industry.

Digital & Content Marketing

In the healthcare industry, content is definitely king because empowering patients is one of the most crucial steps in building a good brand image and retaining patients. Digital marketing is an underutilized tool in the healthcare industry. We make sure to leverage digital marketing to help our clients get more patients, increase revenue, and build a healthy online brand.

With our experience in helping healthcare businesses market online, we have set healthcare marketing strategies that can help your business grow exponentially over time. Our expertise allows us to stay ahead of the curve and utilise the latest and best digital marketing tools to help our clients build a sustainable brand online.

When you launch your healthcare brand in India with Comhes, we have the expertise needed to help you get your desired website traffic and leads. We help you get that with compelling content and digital marketing strategies that help you reach your target audiences quickly and effectively.

Traditional Marketing

Even though we have thorough experience in the digital realm, we have always understood the importance of traditional marketing. Healthcare is a niche that requires you to reach people of all ages. Traditional marketing is highly successful in this field, and with our traditional marketing campaigns, we have helped many healthcare institutions across India.

From billboards to radio and TV ads, we know the best ways to market your business to the Indian audience, and we specialise in helping you optimise your ROI. Our experts work tirelessly to develop traditional marketing campaigns that reach the target audience and get long-term results and scalable growth for your healthcare practice.

Choose to launch your healthcare product in India with Comhes, and we can help you reach your desired target audiences with expert-curated traditional marketing campaigns. Whether urban or rural, we have the experience and expertise to help your brand reach every corner of the country per your needs.

Digital Advertisements

Digital advertisements are just as crucial as traditional ads, and we make sure our campaigns focus on both. And the best part? We make sure our digital advertising campaigns, be it banner ads, SERP ads, or video ads, are designed for the target audience and placed in a way to get the most ROI.

We always try to find new ways and new avenues to advertise our clients; this way, they have access to their target audience in an unsaturated market. And it ensures they get better ROI, reach, and patients from their campaigns.

When you launch your healthcare services in India with Comhes, we can help build considerable brand awareness quickly with digital advertisements. We can help you generate leads and traffic with digital advertising campaigns that have exceptional ROI.

Online Branding & Management

One of the critical ingredients of healthcare marketing is brand management, and we at Comhes excel at helping our clients manage their brand. In a saturated market, branding and building trust with your patients is key to getting them through your door. You can also get the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing when your branding is on point.

At Comhes, we help our clients maintain a consistent, clear, and compassionate brand for their healthcare practice. Our efforts not only help our clients get more patients but it also helps them retain their patients and build brand loyalty. Overall, these things can help you scale your healthcare practice exponentially and help you multiply your revenue in the long term.

Your healthcare product launch in India can be handled with utmost grace when you choose Comhes. Our branding experts ensure your products reach the right demographics in India and help you get organic leads through social media.

Healthcare Scalability

Scaling your business is the only logical next step when you have a successful venture. With the healthcare marketing services from Comhes, you can scale your business many folds both online and offline. With over two decades of experience, we have the strategies and growth mentality to help your business break new ground and become pan-India.

Launching your healthcare products and services in India can be a daunting undertaking, but not with Comhes. We can help you navigate the Indian healthcare market and reach the ideal institutions you want. With our network of hospitals, doctors, polyclinics, and diagnostic centres, we have the reach you need to reach every part of the Indian healthcare industry.

So, why wait? Now that you know exactly how we can help you, all you need to do is get in touch with us. We can discuss the ideal plans on how to launch your healthcare services in India over a cup of chai, as we do in this country. Will be waiting to hear from you!

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