Pathology Lab

Clinical pathology labs are the essential healthcare service providers globally as they supplement other diagnostic services such as diagnostic imaging. As a diagnostic service provider, some of the benefits that the public expects you to offer to include the following:

  • Interpretation and processing of biopsies and tissue specimens
  • Screening tests crucial for health evaluation
  • Chronic disease and terminal illness testing services
  • Consulting services for Doctors and other medical practitioners

Apparently, according to a report by Grand View Research, the global clinical laboratory services were valued at USD 200.3 billion in 2020. This value is said to grow by an annual growth rate of 4.7%, continuing until 2028.

The above gradual increase in pathology lab service value results from the ever-growing burden of chronic diseases. The latter had led to a shift from late diagnosis to early diagnosis.

As a result of such a shift and demand for pathology and other clinical laboratory services, the owner of such clinics has faced stiff competition. The competition has emanated from the unrestricted entry of other pathology services provided.

As a result of the stiff competition, you ought to adopt modern marketing communication and data handling methods. ComHes specializes in modern healthcare marketing. We are experts in digital marketing, and that is why we can help. You are already in the right place because we are at your service.

Why does your pathology lab need a different Marketing Strategy?

There is a considerable variation between marketing for other healthcare practices and professions from pathology lab services. It is also different from the general marketing style and strategies that are usually used by other businesses. The basis of your marketing is to popularize your brand and the services associated with your brand.

Through our long term experience in healthcare marketing, we will set our course by ensuring that we focus on developing and maintaining your reputation. That will be crucial as it will be the basis for channelling more patients into your pathology lab centres. As a pathology lab specialist and owner, you ought to find a perfect balance between offering pathological test services and promoting your services. Your delivery of services is not enough, and that is why you need to do extensive marketing and advertising.

Long gone are those days when you wait for the patient to make their way to your pathology centre. A pathology centre needs to expose their services locations and what you offer. And so do you. You need a marketing strategy that will help you reach out to a colossal audience pool. As soon as you have this in place, you will be booking appointments, making follow-ups and responding to queries.

ComHes will help you design the best marketing strategy that will suit your pathology centre service delivery.

ComHes Specialty and what to expect

As ComHes, we strive to utilize our years of experience in healthcare marketing in helping pathology centers amass revenue, gain a vast clientele, and increase competitiveness and dominance. It is with that reason, therefore, by engaging us, you stand to benefit from the following services:

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is a process that revolves around analyzing and evaluating your online presence based on keywords that are closely linked to your services. We believe in helping your pathology centre appear on top of the google search lists.

Web design and development

It is high time you need to own a website, we believe. Time is of the essence, and a website is inevitable. We will help you design an appropriate, efficient and reliable website.

Social media platform management

Social media is growing, and it is the best advertisement platform. We will set up one for you, and we will also manage advertisements that go through it.

Video creating and dissemination

As part of marketing content production, your pathology centre needs videos on services, expert opinions, etc. We will help you produce videos and disseminate them through various channels.

Blog and article authorship

We understand that much of your time is spent offering essential pathological testing services. As part of pushing marketing, our team of expert writers will help you author articles, i.e. news, blogs etc.

Online presence management, tracking and analysis

Your online presence is crucial for enhancing the continuity of your image popularity. ComHes will help you with your online presence management and staging a platform where we can determine your performance through metrics and analytics.

Email marketing

Do you have time for email marketing? Well, maybe not because you focus on service provision. With ComHes at your side, you are assured of email handling and marketing through email. Our email marketing activities involve sending newsletters, service brochures and scheduling appointments.

ComHes is a healthcare marketing partner of choice because of proven years of experience, client-specific approach, and efficient communication and guaranteed results.

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