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As a result of the increased need for sophisticated care for patients suffering from kidney disease, more dialysis centers are being introduced into the market every day. This follows the ever-increasing demand for dialysis services worldwide.

According to kidney.org, over 2 million people worldwide are currently receiving dialysis care and also kidney transplant to stay alive. This number may not represent those who have kidney problems but do not need dialysis services.

Even with the increasing number of patients seeking services in various dialysis centers, not all dialysis centers are in a position to offer services to a sizable number of patients. Most of the dialysis centers are highly and sufficiently equipped with state-of-the-art machines. However, they still struggle to utilize these machines fully. Such a development has been caused by few patients and a small customer base.

The underutilization of dialysis staff and machines, is dragging most dialysis centers into incurring increased overhead costs. Most of such centers lack healthcare, marketing knowledge, and awareness. ComHes is a healthcare marketing company that can help you turn things around as far as your dialysis center and practice is concerned.

Enhancing Dialysis Center’s Popularity through Websites and Apps

One of the results of the dynamic shift in technology is digital marketing and digital communication. The extensive use of the internet, smartphones, and digital marketing has necessitated the need for healthcare practices to be hosted using websites and applications that can run on both mobile devices and computers. This has had an impact on the way communication and marketing by dialysis experts and specialists are done.

There are several apps and websites which specifically cater to the needs of healthcare practitioners. In that case, a great number of kidney dialysis centers are considering their apps and website for marketing, communication, and analytic purposes.

As a result of digitization, most dialysis services offered by various dialysis centers are booked through mobile phone apps and websites. In return, the dialysis center can schedule appointments through the same digital platforms. In fact, 88% of all healthcare appointments are scheduled through mobile phones.

How Can ComHes Help You Migrate To Using Websites And Apps?

Having been in the healthcare marketing arena for more than 23 years, we are one of the leading players as far as healthcare consulting is concerned. ComHes provides mobile application and website development depending on your healthcare service delivery.

Your Dialysis service provision is unique in its own making and we take consideration in factoring in your needs before developing an efficient and reliable app or website.

What Are The Gains Of Showcasing Dialysis Services Through Apps And Websites?

Extensive Coverage

Unlike when you were depending on referrals and patients who find your services by chance, hosting, marketing, and communicating about your services will help you reach a larger audience. It is a fact that people have become consumers of online services. Most of the patients are also keen on using websites and apps to search for dialysis services. Owning an app and a website is a sure way of opening doors for a greater audience. Mobile apps and websites are now becoming easy to use and their popularity has presented an opportunity for your center to meet a sizable number of patients.

Apps and Websites Provide Data Security

Far from being popular, most dialysis centers and their owners as well as other healthcare practices prefer apps and websites. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Apps and websites are secure as far as personal and organizational data is concerned. The use of apps allows you to safeguard your clinical data as well as the data of your patients.
  • Privacy and confidentiality are highly possible with the use of websites and apps. By owning your app and website, you are assured of uncompromised patent privacy as well as total confidentiality in all matters related to healthcare service delivery.
  • Apps are less prone to attacks from hackers. By running your customized app, you stand to limit intrusion and it is easy to identify and fix bugs that could compromise information and data.

Efficiency and Reliability

The success of every healthcare practice is achieved through heightened levels of efficiency and promoting reliability. Adopting the use of apps and websites is crucial for your dialysis clinic and general service provision. It is the basis of ensuring timely communication, follow-ups, and quick access to information. With a centralized database the staff, potential clients and patients can access information with a click of a button.

Developing Customer Loyalty

The mere fact that you own a website and an app that is dedicated to your dialysis center or clinic is enough to develop a positive perception. Positive regard for your services is key as it enhances customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a source of continuous revenue and profitability. The existence of loyal customers helps in making your services relevant.

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