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In 2020, there were about 15.6 million cosmetic surgical procedures. This is a clear indication that cosmetic and plastic surgeons are disposed to a great number of patients per year. However, not all cosmetic and plastic surgeons have the privilege to deliver services to a good number of patients per year.

Are you a cosmetic and plastic surgeon running as a private practitioner? If yes, then you will agree with me that this practice is a unique one and it is nowadays difficult to market your services and brand through traditional marketing methods.

The world of marketing is changing and so do cosmetic and plastic surgical services. The success of your practice is now dependent on how quick and willing you are to embrace digital marketing.

Are you eyeing embracing digital marketing and communication management? You might be wondering where to start but there is no need to worry about that because comHes is here ready to be your partner in this journey of transformation.

Reasons Why Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons Should Embrace Online Presence

In a research done by ResearchGate, it was determined that all patients interested in plastic surgery seek advice from social media and the entire internet. Almost all patients (95%) turned to the internet for information before a consultation with a cosmetic and plastic surgeon. 68% of all the patients were categorized as first-time search visitors. On the other hand, 45% of plastic surgeons believe that the number of consultations improved after placing an advert on social media. As a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, your online presence is critical because of the following reasons:

An opportunity to showcase your services and testimonials

You ought to have an online presence because it provides an opportunity for you to share what you’ve got. In this case, what you’ve got includes your facilities, services, and also the number of satisfied patients that have gone through your practice.

Developing popularity and relevance

As a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, sticking to traditional platforms is like being in the dark alone. Your online presence is the basis of gradually developing the popularity of your brands as well as the services you are offering.

An opportunity to enhance communication

Communication is crucial for your practice. Your online presence is very important as it provides you with an opportunity to engage with potential patients. It is also a platform where you can develop a rapport by engaging in healthcare and skincare conversations with loyal and potential customers.

Digital Services Crucial For Your Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon Practice

Being a cosmetic and plastic surgeon, your success depends on the ability to market your brand and your services online. In that case, with the help of an agency like comHes, you stand to achieve the following:

Web Designing and Management

Do you have a website? If not, then you need one right now. At comHes, we provide web designing and nurturing. Your brand needs a website where all your information that relates to cosmetic and plastic surgery can be posted for every type of audience to see. Owning your website is the beginning of your success. It is the first step in ensuring your online presence and image development.

Social Media Management and Analytics

To achieve the right levels of competitiveness, your practice ought to embrace the use of social media marketing. This might be an additional activity for you but you don't need to do it yourself because comHes is here to help.

We provide social media management and monitoring and evaluation of your social media marketing progress. This will be a crucial step in making known your cosmetic and surgical practice and services.

Content Generation

Contents are crucial for maintaining your online relevance hence a positive brand reputation. Some of the content that could make your practice stand out from the rest include blogs, SEO articles, reviews, and service descriptions.

We strive to ensure that your website and any other digital platform are vastly supplied with content. In addition to that, we provide content analytics to help you determine the type of content that generated more traffic.

Email Marketing and Information Management

Emails are crucial for cosmetic and surgical practice as it is the basis of client follow-ups, sending newsletters, and responding to inquiries and queries. While you might be tied to delivering cosmetic and plastic surgery services, comHes is here to handle your email marketing and information management.

We will manage your email marketing activities by ensuring scheduled messaging and other types of information exchange. This is will be the basis of boosting close ties between your patients and your practice in the long run.

Communication and information handling is crucial for cosmetic and plastic surgery practice. It is the basis of stabling a long-lasting relationship with your customers. ComHes is here to help you with that.

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