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Do you own a cosmetic center?
We believe that you are offering services such as skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and superficial surgeries that do not involve blades. How is your practice growing? Every cosmetic care clinic owner longs for growth and profitability and so, we believe you do too. ComHes is here to help attain just what you wanted.

The desire to look good has led to a sharp demand for elective surgeries to improve one’s physical appearance. This is a global trend that has been experienced all over the world and not only in some select countries. In a survey by the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) 2018, the USA performed most cosmetic surgeries and procedures totaling 4,361, 867, followed by Brazil with 2,267,405 procedures.

Most cosmetic centers are now experiencing a huge number of audiences seeking cosmetic care in the cosmetic care industry. In that case, there has been a dire need to combine the quality provision of services with extensive marketing. This is crucial as it ensures an upward growth in terms of the number of patients served and revenues.

With extensive experience in offering quality healthcare marketing services, we are here to help cosmetic centers and their owners to grow their businesses. With the capacity to understand your line of business, we are committed to leading you towards achieving the desired goals within a short time.

By Engaging Us Your Cosmetic Center Will Achieve More

We are committed to delivering state of the art digital solution for your cosmetic center through the following approaches:

Publicizing your brand

ComHes understands that you have a unique brand that needs to be promoted. To ensure that your brand is known, popular and competitive, we will implement innovative digital marketing strategies. This will be the basis of putting your services and business at the top of the map.

Streamlining communications

Communication is a critical activity in every healthcare organization or business. It is with that reason therefore that you need to devise the best channels of communicating your values, mission, and service charter. We employ digital marketing in trying to make your values and services known.

Up-scaling growth and profitability

No cosmetic center would like to remain the way it started. With digital marketing tools at our disposal, we help you attain the right customer base. This will also be the basis of increasing your future revenue hence gradual growth.

Why A Cosmetic Center Needs and Integrated Healthcare Marketing Services

The field of healthcare is dynamic and so does technology. With galloping technological advancements, more and more cosmetic care practitioners are considering digital healthcare marketing. In embracing this new marketing strategy, you stand to gain the following:

Enhanced Patient’s Experience

By sharing information about your services, your cosmetic center will be perceived as one which has embraced efficient ways of service delivery. On the other hand, the ability to engage potential clients through social media will be taken as a bold and efficient way of connecting with clients. Such a move will be highly applauded and highly spoken of. That will also be the basis of building the image and popularity of your cosmetic care services. ComHes will always lead you in every step of the way toward achieving a positive patient experience.

Continuous Promotion of Cosmetic Related Services

By engaging comHes, you stand a chance of being able to devise platforms and channels in which to promote cosmetic and care services. By considering our integrated digital healthcare services, you will be one step closer to realizing the need to promote the services being offered by your cosmetic center. The services that we can help you promote through digital marketing include cosmetic skincare, cosmetic surgeries, and cosmetic care consultation.

Becoming a Leader in Cosmetic Care Industry

With our integrated digital marketing solutions such as SEO optimization, social media management, and others, you are assured of being a leader in whatever services you offer. Being a leader is the basis of competing against other cosmetic centers and cosmetic center owners. It is also a springboard to unstoppable growth in revenue as well as facility size.

Extensive Reach As Compared To Other Cosmetic Centers

With our integrated digital healthcare marketing services, your clinic or center will be steered towards bringing more patients on board. This is possible as we have a team of experienced strategists, digital marketing specialists, and healthcare veterans who are instrumental in helping your clinic to increase patient inflows.

Additional Services from ComHes for Your Cosmetic Center Success

Far from digital healthcare marketing, we strive to do the following for your organizations:

Healthcare app development

Owning a team of expert app developers, your need for a specific business app will be on us.

Web development

Do you have a website? No! Well, don’t worry comHes and our team of web designers are always here to design a relevant and reliable website for you. It will also maintain and manage your website when the need arises.

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