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  • 04 Jan 2022

Why Do You Need Healthcare Digital Marketing For Your Medical Practice?

Healthcare digital marketing is steadily growing as the most sought-after process to spread the word and promote a healthcare practice. The reason behind the rising influence of digital healthcare marketing services is the rampant availability of the internet to the masses. Now 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate healthcare providers, according to research by softwarefindings.com.

A digital healthcare marketing agency with such an exuberant volume of patients using online methods to evaluate their choice for a healthcare provider, medical practices now need to keep up with the times so that they can reach their respective target audience with precision.

Healthcare digital marketing agencies have an abundance of services under their belt. These services are catered towards driving more patients to your medical practice and helping your practice grow in size. These services include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, and Lead Generation activities.

Despite the size of your operations, digital healthcare marketing is one of the most fundamental courses of action for your healthcare practice to maximize its reach. There are several tangible benefits of adopting a digital marketing strategy for your medical practice:

Understanding Your Target Audience Better

The most important benefit to your medical practice upon adopting a digital marketing strategy is that you will get plenty of insight into your target audience's reaction to your services. An individual performance statistic for every social media post, video, and infographic that has been posted online is available. A healthcare digital marketing agency deep dives into these statistics to help you understand the needs of your target audience better. This will in turn help you curate better content and better services for your desired audience.

Enhanced Reach

Digital healthcare marketing tools include social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and mobile marketing. These tools are in place to help your hospital or clinic grow with the times. With almost 560 million Internet users currently in India, (According to research done by statista.com) digital marketing solutions are your best bet to promote your hospital or clinic and grow it exponentially. With a properly planned digital healthcare marketing strategy, your healthcare services are bound to reach a substantially bigger audience and drive more patients to your healthcare practice.

Scope For Target Marketing

Target Marketing is one of the most fundamental aspects of digital health marketing. It involves breaking into a new market in segments. The key here is understanding the local populace and their needs for a specific service and offering them specialized services based on the research of the local demographic.

Targeting a local populace and curating your services for them has numerous long-term benefits for your healthcare practice. Aiming your marketing strategies at a specific group of consumers makes the marketing of your services more affordable. Along with this, because of your consumer-centric approach, there is a higher client retention rate at your medical practice. Your clients keep coming to you since curating your services for their benefit has established an immaculate trust.

No Time Limitation

Utilizing digital healthcare marketing tools for promoting your medical practice has one principal benefit. That is freedom from conventional marketing hours. With a properly designed healthcare marketing campaign, you will have the freedom to design your campaign without keeping in mind several different time zones. Another big advantage here is that your patients can contact you at any time irrespective of their geographical location.

How Can ComHes Help?

ComHes is the leading digital healthcare marketing agency in India. We offer complete end-to-end solutions for your healthcare digital marketing needs.

We can help drive more patients in your medical practice through various digital healthcare marketing services including:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing entails the use of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to connect with your target audience, create more awareness about your healthcare services and ultimately drive more patients to your practice and increase your profits.

Social media marketing entails understanding the intricacies of consumer behavior on major social media websites. Understanding and analyzing which posts get more attention from the target audience and then imbibing those elements into your future strategy lies at the core of social media marketing.

Along with analyzing the target audiences' response, researching and understanding which social media website your potential clientele is most active on is another important aspect. Only when there is clarity on which social media website the target audience is active on, formulating a strategy that is conducive to the aforementioned social media website become an easier task.

Search Engine Optimization

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the key elements of healthcare digital marketing services. It is the process of improving your website content and in turn, making the website more visible on search engines.

Google Consumer Insights reported that there has been a 900% increase in "near me" searches in recent times. With such an exuberant volume in the number of searches, making sure that your medical practice stays visible in the barrage of medical practices makes SEO an indispensable part of any digital healthcare marketing strategy.

Visibility through SEO is achieved through a variety of different methods, including analyzing different types of keywords that are often used by the target audience and increasing the volume of those keywords on your website and blog. Along with this, publishing subject-relevant and keyword focussed articles and content on your website or blog is very essential in making your website more visible on search engines.


Pay-per-click is a very popular internet-based marketing tool that helps drive traffic to your healthcare practice website. In this model, the healthcare practice runs its ads on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. And every time someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a small amount to the search engine; hence, the name pay-per-click.

Businesses use this tool to drive more traffic to their website and engage a larger audience to their services. PPC always ensures guaranteed clicks to your website and the search engine always ensures that your website is reached by an appropriate target audience.

Email Marketing

Email has been established as one of the most effective and reliable tools in healthcare digital marketing. According to a report by the DMA, "Email marketing is generating an average return on investment of $42 for every $1 spent." Email marketing remains one of the most pertinent direct marketing mediums to reach a larger client base.

There are many reasons which make email marketing a very vital aspect of healthcare digital marketing services. Emails are not as volatile as social media accounts. Social Media accounts can be banned or taken down for the slightest of infringements against their community guidelines.

An email list however is a solid set of leads that no one can take away from you. Another reason is that an email is more consumer-friendly as it can be customized to the specific likings of your target audience.

Email marketing also has the highest return on investment rate of any other social media channel. According to a report by optinmonster.com, the return on investment of email marketing is 4400% that is at least three times higher than any social media website.

SMS and WhatsApp Marketing

SMS and WhatsApp marketing has become one of the most sought-after processes in digital healthcare marketing. A report by frontapp.com, states that an average SMS or WhatsApp text message has a 98% more open rate than any other platform available; this makes WhatsApp and SMS a very popular choice for healthcare professionals to choose this medium to spread the word about their medical practice.

Along with the popularity, there are several other benefits to SMS and WhatsApp Marketing. WhatsApp and SMS provide instant deliverability of your messages, making this medium very time efficient. With this medium, you can easily classify and segment the different categories of your target audience and create personalized messages for them.

One of the things that make SMS and WhatsApp marketing remarkable is that you aren't limited to text-based marketing with this medium; you can send videos and promotional photos via SMS and WhatsApp making your campaigns more attractive.

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