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  • 11 Jul 2023

The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Pharmaceutical Companies: Boost Your Online

Pharmaceutical companies can’t advertise their products in India. So, how do you market their products? The law stipulates that pharma companies can’t directly advertise their medicines and products, but still pharma companies spend a ton of money in marketing every year. So, what do they do? How do you market a product without talking about it?

Well, that’s where digital healthcare marketing comes in and offers a solution. The key to pharmaceutical marketing is awareness, education, and community building. And one of the best and most effective digital marketing tools for that is SEO. So, let’s take a look at the best SEO practices for pharmaceutical companies and how working with a top healthcare SEO service company can help them grow their presence.

SEO Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Companies

As mentioned previously, the key to marketing is through community building and awareness generation. These practices focus on a lot of content generation and using consistent branding and copy to ensure that the efforts work cohesively. So, make sure you lead these best practices with the best possible content that is medically accurate and empowers patients almost with no goal of self promotion. This is how pharmaceutical digital healthcare marketing differs and working on these practices will help you reap the most benefits.

  1. Make Good Content
    Since a lot of your marketing and SEO success revolves around content, you have to make sure you are developing genuinely good content for your audience. This involves ensuring the content is easy to read, has an immersive experience, and labelled properly with headings and subheadings. This will help you improve your visitor’s website experience and make the content you have on your website more believable for your audience. Also, make sure you diversify your content and make sure there is enough variety on the topics to cover a range of questions of your audience. It helps showcase your expertise on the topic.

  2. Improve Your Website Visibility
    This means you need to work hard on your on-page SEO too. Just posting blogs is not enough, going through the various important SEO technicalities will help you improve your website’s online presence and be more visible through search engines. This introduces another important point, don’t focus on Google alone. There are other search engines. Even though they are not used by many, ensuring your SEO efforts take those websites into account too can help you gain a lot of advantage. You can reach a target audience from other geographical locations and also people who would usually not find many quality sources to find medical information by using this trick.

  3. Focus on Mobile Indexing
    The internet is becoming mobile first as more and more people start accessing the internet using mobile devices. To ensure your SEO is the best it can be for your brand, you need to focus on mobile indexing your website. It ensures that your website is showing up on mobile search results and even on voice search. Integrate long form keywords into your content, make your website accessibility friendly, all these things can help you index your website better for mobile. You can also check out Google’s tool for mobile friendly test for websites to see how well your website adapts to mobile devices.

  4. Create a Journey For Your Audience
    Why should a healthcare professional or patient go for your products? You don’t have to create actual reasons why they should go for your products because that would be product marketing. What you would have to promote as the end goal is community. Think about it like this. Your medicines are for certain health conditions. Talk about those conditions, their symptoms, and how they affect people on your website. And in the end, pitch your community of other patients that are living through the problem to the visitor so that they can find other stories. This helps people feel more empowered and build trust with your brand.

  5. Use Different Types of Content
    Written content, photos, and videos. Try and utilise a full-range of content opportunities to create the maximum impact possible with your audience. For detailed and in-depth content, written and infographic content works the best. For shorter, more entertaining content or to share interesting and inspiring stories from your community, video content works better. Diversifying your content generation can help you with SEO and standing out on social media with valuable content that empowers and inspires your audience. So, in general it is a great practice and given the community oriented approach of pharmaceutical SEO strategy, it will help you engage with your communities the best.

  6. Use Your Position To Build Authority
    Pharmaceutical companies are uniquely positioned with the power of creating detailed medically accurate original research to improve everyone’s understanding of conditions and treatment. Thanks to the meticulous research and development performed by these companies, you can actually leverage that to build authority online with your content. With original research, your content will be more trustworthy for professionals and they would be able to study and find out the details from your very own research. This helps build trust with professionals and build authority online as one of the expert sites on a topic. This is great for your SEO because you will be able to rank much higher when you are deemed an authoritative site for this subject.


These are some of the top practices that will undoubtedly help you market your pharmaceutical company and improve your organic SEO results. Just remember to be consistent in your efforts and always try to break new ground with your content. It will bring more people towards your brand and make search engines happy to put you at the top of search results.

For more in-depth tips about the healthcare industry check out Comhes. We are a dedicated healthcare marketing company with an experience of over 2 decades helping hospitals and healthcare professionals. Check out our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you market your healthcare or pharmaceutical brand.

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