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  • 17 Aug 2023

Role of Telemedicine App in Healthcare Delivery System

When a person is looking for a new house or living quarters anywhere in the world, one of the things that they always check for is if the area has a healthcare facility nearby or not. In certain cases based on the age of the person purchasing, this can be a deal breaker if there are no healthcare facilities nearby. Telemedicine is a noble solution to this problem. And especially for a country like India, where the difference between rural and urban areas are scarily high, telemedicine does promise a brighter and healthier future for the countrymen. So, let’s explore why you should care about telemedicine app development in India, its importance, and its role in the healthcare delivery system of the country.

Importance of Telemedicine App Development & Its Role in Healthcare Delivery System

Telemedicine app development is one of the best investments you can make as a healthcare provider right now. Telemedicine has numerous benefits for your practice but even apart from that, since it is still quite new, you will be able to get the first move advantage by going for it. Even though it is a big investment, there are ways you can get around it.

First, if you don’t have a healthcare app already, go for healthcare app development first. This will help you keep production costs down. Once your app is ready and built using the latest technologies, based on the patient interaction and feedback, you can then opt to develop telemedicine features for your app. Also do remember to work only with top healthcare app development companies like Comhes to ensure your application has a strong enough base to support future updates. With that being said, let’s jump into the importance of telemedicine apps and its role in the healthcare delivery system.

Limited Accessibility to Healthcare

Limited accessibility to healthcare is a common problem among developing countries like India. Given the disparity in healthcare options available across different parts of India, telemedicine can be a great way to bring healthcare to people who don’t have access to quality healthcare. Today thanks to cellular technology, more people have access to high speed internet than ever before, and as such, it is easier for patients to access healthcare information from any part of the country.

As healthcare professionals, it is the best time for you to go for telemedicine app development because the need for this service exists heavily across the country. And when more competition exists in the market, the overall infrastructure cost as well as the cost of healthcare will be available competitively across the industry, which will help the patients. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, having the first move advantage will allow you to find more patients easier at a lower patient acquisition cost if you get started today.

These are some of the social reasons on the importance of telemedicine apps today. Let’s look at the importance of telemedicine app development for healthcare professionals.

Importance of Telemedicine App Development for Healthcare Professionals

  • Access to Patients Beyond Geographical Limitations
    Even if your premises are located in a well-established city or in a semi-urban town, you can offer your healthcare services to patients across the country. Not only that, you will similarly be able to attract more people to your clinic or hospital if you offer telemedicine services. This gives patients an option to try out your consultation before visiting the premises. It also helps them opt for at-home consultation for healthcare needs that don’t require physical examination. Having access to patients beyond your geographical location can also help you reap the benefits of medical tourism if you offer specialised medical services.

  • Cross Department Access & Storage of Patient Data
    Digital patient records allow both patients and healthcare professionals to access patient records seamlessly without the need of a paper trail. This helps doctors provide better diagnosis for patient conditions. It also reduces the possibility of losing health records or not having all the health information in one place. For patients having consolidated medical records gives them a reason to keep coming back to your healthcare practice. Cross department access of medical records is also a great benefit of telemedicine apps. This allows different specialists to properly examine medical history without any information gaps leading to better diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

  • Lower Risk of Communicable Disease Spread
    Telemedicine offers the benefit of patients being able to get necessary healthcare consultation from anywhere in the world. It also saves them the trouble of having to travel to a healthcare facility to get themselves checked out. However, this benefit is especially useful when patients may be suffering from communicable diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic showed this particular benefit very well with patients being able to limit the spread of communicable diseases by staying home and opting for telemedicine consultation for their health conditions. It saves both the patient, the healthcare workers, and the general public who might be visiting the clinic/hospital for other health concerns.

  • Reduces The Load Borne By Support Staff
    The support staff at a clinic or hospital work tirelessly to manage doctor schedules, appointment bookings and cancellations, along with attending the patients that are visiting in person. Having telemedicine apps allow you to reduce some of the load they carry. With these apps, booking an appointment becomes automated as patients can see the doctor’s schedule and accordingly book their appointment themselves. The doctor’s schedule will also be updated automatically allowing support staff to be able to better greet the patients visiting in person.

Ending Note

Telemedicines apps have the potential to grow your medical business, online brand, and overall pan India presence to a level like no other. Since healthcare is a service based industry, the best way to build trust with new patients and build a relation with them is to allow them to experience your service. With that being said, building a telemedicine app is a considerably big undertaking and one where you should understand the ins and outs before investing. So, make sure you only work with top medical app development companies like Comhes to ensure you get the best value for money and affordable app development services catered to your specific needs. Make sure you check out our website to learn more about our app development process and why we are the best at what we do.

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