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  • 30 Jan 2023

Healthcare Marketing Ideas for Hospitals in India

As one of the largest populations in the world, India is rapidly scaling its medical infrastructure. India has over 60,000 hospitals, a majority of which are private. As noble as the medical profession is, it's hard to treat patients in your hospital when they don't know you exist.

Additionally, India is a hub spot of medical tourism, with around 2 million patients visiting different regions every year. To help your hospital stand out and get the opportunity to help patients, the most important tool you can use is marketing. So, here are some of the best healthcare marketing ideas for Indian hospitals to make that mark on patients to get in touch for any health related issues.

5 Healthcare Marketing Ideas For Indian Hospitals

Identify Your Hospital's USP & Goals

Patients visit every hospital to get treated for their ailments. That's the similarity between all hospitals, but to help yours stand out, you need to focus on differentiating yourself from others. Some hospitals focus on treating serious illnesses, while others offer holistic and preventive medical care. This way, they can help differentiate themselves from the competition. So, ensure you are clear about your hospital's goal and USP. It will help you create the most effective health marketing plans.

Consistent Marketing

Consistency is the key to helping patients create a clear association between certain ailments and your hospital's brand. The key here is to make your brand the solution to a certain problem. It will create a strong brand image if you are consistent in your efforts and continue to forward similar messages to your patients. It will, in turn, help you retain patients and get the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing.

Strong Online Presence

Your hospital must have an easily accessible, well-designed website with all the necessary information required by new patients. Once that's done, you need to focus your efforts on social media to try and create a community and to build trust with them regarding your brand. Building trust with your community can be done by sharing positive patient feedback, showcasing your hospital's features, and highlighting your hospital's USP and goals. A solid digital presence can create a sense of trust with your patients. who would be interested in visiting your hospital regardless of geographical boundaries.

Utilise Every Marketing Channel

There are various tools available to you when it comes to marketing your hospital in different forms. Always explore all the options and try to have a game plan that effectively utilises all marketing channels. If you don't have the budget for paid advertising, focus on organic ways to get there. Use SEO and content marketing. If you want local patients to be aware of your hospital, utilise local SEO and OOH advertising. This way, you can get the best results out of your marketing campaigns.

Create Memorable Experiences For Your Patients

When patients walk through your doors, you can make their experience wonderful with a well-trained and friendly staff. This simple practice of trying to create a hospitable experience for your patients is one of the best marketing ideas for your hospital. You can follow it up with correspondence with your patients occasionally to learn about their recovery. These experiences help you retain patients and strengthen your brand image even further.


There you have it; these five healthcare marketing strategies can help you differentiate your hospital from the competition. Healthcare marketing is an underutilized sector in India. With consistent efforts, you can help your hospital stand out and have the opportunity to help thousands of patients from across the country and the world.

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