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  • 19 May 2022

Healthcare Consulting Firms in India | Healthcare Marketing Agency in India

ComHes is India's leading healthcare consultancy and marketing firm, providing integrated healthcare solutions for your hospital, clinic, or any other healthcare practice. In a continuously evolving marketing climate, healthcare providers are bound to move with the times, and we stand right by their side, guiding them to grow their medical practice to colossal heights. We are India's primary healthcare consulting and marketing agency providing a holistic approach to building, operating, and growing your healthcare practice.

We endeavor to help make the daunting task of building and growing your own healthcare practice relatively simpler, efficient, and hassle-free. With a specialized team catering to your every need from ideation, construction, to operation, accreditation, and marketing; with us your dream of building or growing your healthcare practice is in safe hands.

  1. Our Integrated Healthcare Solutions Can Help Your Practice Grow Tremendously.
  2. Our Top-of-the-line Healthcare Marketing Tools Can Help You Get a Significant Growth in Your Practice.
  3. We have a Colossal Cumulative Team Experience and a Keen Business Acumen.
  4. We Assure a Comprehensive Growth for Your Healthcare Practice with Our Integrated Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare Marketing

WIth innovation and tech, healthcare marketing has become more complex and multi-layered. Healthcare marketing today comprises various traditional and new media methods to attract, retain and sustain patients. Our mix of marketing communications and growth strategy at molecular level enables hospitals to create and implement effective growth strategy.

Digital Marketing

At comHes, we create a blend of marketing strategies to enable healthcare marketing. We blend digital healthcare marketing with the power of social media, search and media planning to engage audiences.

Healthcare Consulting Setting up a hospital, its infrastructure, setting up operations to sustaining patients, creating revenue and growth, and raising funds - hospital business is indeed complex. With an experienced consultant, hospitals can optimise revenues, streamline operations, and prevent pilferage. As a healthcare consulting firm, we oversee the building blocks to operation to expansion.

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