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  • 15 Mar 2022

Healthcare Consultation

Healthcare consultation has seen a massive increase in popularity and relevance in the late. The increase in popularity of healthcare consultation is directly proportional to the rise of the healthcare industry. The acute need for better healthcare services in the country has lead to a tremendous rise in healthcare practitioners coming up. Several other reasons including rapid technological advancements, an increasing population which is inadvertently leading to more patients coming to hospitals and clinics, etc are making the healthcare industry one of the most profitable and conducive industries right now.

Healthcare consultation too has seen a colossal rise in relevance with the advancements in the healthcare industry. A report by brand essence forecasted that the global demand for healthcare consulting is expected to reach USD 20 Billion in the coming future. This global demand directly dependent on the rising healthcare practitioners. With more hospitals, clinics, and healthcare practices coming up there is a natural need for healthcare consultants to ease the process.

Healthcare consultation can help you turn around your medical practice by giving you end-to-end solutions for your setting up a hospital, clinic, or healthcare practice to helping you run your practice more efficiently and avoiding any unnecessary costs. Healthcare consultations can also help you avoid the tedious process of accreditations and paperwork, as a healthcare consultant makes sure that everything is upto speed and you don't have to worry about anything else when it comes to running your own medical practice. Thus, having a healthcare consultant by your side assisting you to make major decisions about your healthcare practice is always a wise option.

Benefits of Healthcare Consultation

Healthcare consultation can provide you with a comprehensive solution to all your hospital, clinic setup, and management woes. With a multitude of business tools under their belt healthcare consultants can help you in a variety of ways.

Let us examine the aforementioned benefits of healthcare consultation in detail.

Helps in the Planning and Structuring

Healthcare consultants help you from the initial stages of the operation itself. With their understanding of the market and their business acumen, they can help you navigate and help plan and structure your medical practice.

Healthcare consultants can help you decide the best way to go upon serious considerations of a variety of factors including doctor's specialty, budget, local demand, and external competition. After an in-depth analysis of these factors, the healthcare consultant devises the best strategy for you to go which includes assist you in deciding whether you should establish a multi-specialty or a single specialty hospital, or should it be a big hospital or a solo practice, etc.

Outsources Experts to Help in Building the Hospital or Clinic

A healthcare consultant apart from understanding your vision for your hospital or clinic, also actively assists you in making it a reality. A healthcare consultant can help in the building and the construction of your hospital or clinic by outsourcing an architecture agency and overseeing the construction process from the ground up.

The healthcare consultant makes sure that all the necessary paperwork including municipality permits, various environmental department permits, etc are in order and the construction can go on seamlessly and without any hassle.

Overseeing the Set-up and Smooth Functioning

Along with overseeing the construction and the building of the healthcare facility. A healthcare consultant helps you even further by helping you set up the hospital and ensuring the smooth functioning of the whole place.

A healthcare consultant takes care of everything from procuring the specialized medical machinery and making sure that the hospital or clinic has sufficient medical supplies. Apart from getting the necessary machinery and supplies, a healthcare consultant also analyzes the need of the hospital or the clinic for the staff and seamlessly recruits and trains the medical staff that is to take over the day-to-day functioning of the hospital. The medical staff can include a mass-recruitment of the workers to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the place to specialized doctors who can help run the hospital or clinic with ease.

Takes Care of the Necessary Accreditations

A healthcare consultant also ensures that the hospital has all the necessary

Accreditations that are needed for the hospital to open to the general public.

The most necessary accreditation required by the Indian Government for a hospital or a clinic to be open to the public in India is the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). The NABH accreditation is extremely stringent and has more than 600 plus objectives in terms of cleanliness, patient care, hospital management, etc that a hospital needs to fulfill in order to normally function in India.

A healthcare consultant makes sure that your hospital is up-to-date with all the objectives provided by the NABH so that you can get your accreditation without any particular hassle.

Help you Increase Workplace Productivity

A consultant can substantially help in increasing the workplace productivity of your hospital or clinic. The healthcare consultant can help to devise a more efficient patient intake and tracking the medical records of every patient admitted to the hospital. Not only will this help steam line the whole system and help to keep the medical history of the patients safe, but also significantly unburden the employees by automating the data entry system.

Not only will this help the employees with their workload but also help the day-to-day functioning of the hospital more efficient and hassle-free.

Helping in Cost Management

A healthcare consultant possesses an immaculate knowledge of the healthcare business as a whole and with their business acumen then can further help the hospital or clinic in many ways.

One of these ways includes helping analyze and cut the unnecessary costs the hospital is generating. These costs cutting methods can include identifying disguised unemployment of the people working in the hospital, finding a more efficient way to power the machinery, automating the systems thereby less physical labor will be required, etc.

Helps in Building a Brand Image and Market It

One of the most important ways where a healthcare consultant can help you is to assist you to build a particular brand image based on your hospital or clinic's niche and help market it with their various marketing techniques.

These marketing techniques can be both physical and digital. Physical marketing techniques include billboards, newspaper advertisements, flyers, trade-show kiosks, seminars, product or service launch events, etc.

While digital marketing techniques can include, Social media marketing, search engine optimization, building an interactive website, email marketing, SMS marketing, Pay-per-click advertising, etc.

Who Are We and How Can We Help?

ComHes is India's leading healthcare consulting firm. With our years of experience and vast business acumen, we can help you realize your dream of establishing and running your own healthcare practice. We can offer you end-to-end solutions to all your healthcare practice woes and make sure that your hospital or clinic reaches a far larger audience which eventually drives more people to your healthcare practice.

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