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  • 17 Jul 2023

Why is Google Business Profile Important for Your Healthcare Business?

Google is arguably one of your biggest friends when you are trying to establish your business online. Their services and tools are used by practically every business that's online including billion dollar brands to startups. For healthcare businesses, Google business profiles can be a very beneficial tool that can help them be found by people who search on Google. But the benefits of Google business profile are not limited to that. By partnering with the right healthcare digital marketing agency India, you can use your Google business account to boost your online presence significantly. How? Let's find out.

Why Is Google My Business Important For SEO in Healthcare?

Google My Business is Google's business suite that allows you to list your business on Google search. When you type the name of a company or a famous personality, a panel appears on the right side of your screen on Google, right? That panel is created when you have a Google My Business account and register your business on their platform.

From there onwards anybody that searches for your business on Google will see that panel on the side of the search results with whatever data you want to show along with that. This is a great opportunity to showcase your brand and create a professional brand image to the people searching for your business online. However, what does it do for SEO? Quite a lot actually, let's look at the top benefits GMB has for SEO.

  • Google Map Listing
    Google maps is arguably the most used map software in the world. There is a whole search category known as near me searches on Google that return Google Map results. As a healthcare business offering your service to the people closest to your physical location is the key to growing your influence and business. Being present on Google maps can help you do that because then you will be able to list your business on Google map search results. This is only possible when you use a Google My Business account. After registering your business on Google maps, you will be able to list your business on Google maps and get the local leads that can be the most beneficial for your healthcare business.

  • Local Search Results
    As mentioned previously, Google map listings are key to your local SEO. Similarly, people searching for healthcare providers in a particular location can also return your business as a result when you are using GMB wisely. There are ways to rank yourself on Google for certain keywords where when searched for your business profile would appear on the screen as if the search was specifically for you. This can help you get the most leads out of your digital marketing tactics and help build trust with your patients. Local search results also help you build credibility of your healthcare business in your city and get the benefits of word of mouth.

  • Targetted Reach
    GMB allows you to reach prospects in a very targetted manner. If you are a B2B business, you can target a very specific target or niche audience and reach them accurately with the help of GMB. Think of it like a social media but for businesses. You are going to be much more efficient at reaching other businesses or professionals using this platform than with other consumer oriented social media platforms. Apart from that GMB is also a very good platform to market your business and get the best benefits in order to maximise your reach and potential online. It is regardless if you want a vast reach or a targetted reach.

  • Allows Users to Post Business Reviews
    As a healthcare business, glowing reviews from past patients is the best way for you to build trust with new patients. Reviews on social media is one thing, but reviews on the search engine are a great way to convert leads that are actively looking for the services you provide. Additionally, search engines like Google use the good reviews you receive to boost your SEO rankings and overall online presence. Even in cases where you have received unfavourable reviews, you can use them as an opportunity to improve your service. Handling such situations gracefully creates a polite and helpful brand image.

  • Search Analytics Specific To Your Business
    When your business is being found online what keywords are being used? What are the regions where your business is reaching the most people? What is the average demographic of the people searching for your business? All of this information can be used to significantly improve your digital marketing campaigns. With this data you can check the keywords where you are ranking, you can find out your standing in your geographical location, you can also learn more about the users that are searching for your business. With that data you can offer services or offers specifically directed at the demographic looking up for your products. This will help you build a strong online presence all with just your GMB account.

Importance of Google My Business

Google My Business is an undertulised tool for most healthcare businesses unless they are working with a top healthcare digital marketing agency India like Comhes. So, this is a great opportunity for you to get a competitive edge over your competitors when you choose to work with top healthcare marketing companies like Comhes. And that's not all. Comhes is not a digital marketing company that caters to the healthcare industry too. Comhes is a fully dedicated healthcare marketing company with over 2 decades of experience in both traditional and digital marketing catered for healthcare businesses and professionals. So, why wait? Check out our website and book an appointment today to take your healthcare business to the next level.

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