Birds Eye View on how on-demand Doctor Consultation apps work

The healthcare industry is keeping up to the speed with technological advancements and discovering new solutions that bring medical help closer to people. One of those solutions is the idea of an on-demand doctor consultation app. These applications provide the means of connecting, consulting, and treating various health conditions virtually.

Key features of On-demand Doctor Consultation Application

  • Ease of scheduling an appointment
  • Simple registration and login
  • In-app chat and calling option
  • Live video conferencing
  • Medication tracker
  • Various payment options
  • Feedback, reviews, and images
  • Store and track medical records

How Does the App work?

After one installs and signs up for the on-demand consultation app on their devices, they can search for the type of doctor or their health problem. The search results will list down the available doctors for their queries.

They can then filter the results out based on applying date, time, language, consultation fees, and work experience, image, rating, feedback, area of expertise. Once they ve decided the doctor they want to go with, they can place the request for a virtual appointment.

To place the request the users will be required to pay the consultation fees as mentioned on the app. They will be provided with the maximum payment mode flexibility possible in the app. The user can choose to pay through a debit/credit card, visa or master card, or any other mode of payment available.

After the payment, the user will gain access to the In-app chat and calling and the Live video conferencing features. This means they can give a voice or video call to their chosen doctor for the session time. Both the doctor and the user will get to submit ratings and feedback once the session is over.

The Need for an On-demand Doctor Consultation App

Lets take a look at some of the reasons that call for a virtual way of connecting to the doctors:

  • Closer Reach
    Distance and travel time limits access to medical care. An on-demand doctor consultation app will help in overcoming geographical barriers. This will be especially beneficial for medically underserved regions and communities.
    An app like this will enable its users to connect to medical help within seconds, without having to visit a hospital or medical facility. This will bring doctors and medical help closer to the patients.
  • Increased Convenience
    An online doctor consultation app will make it more convenient to connect for both doctors and patients. The app will save its users time by eliminating the need for visiting the hospital for getting prescriptions. Patients have the convenience, flexibility, and real-time care with their providers with the help of the application.
    The on-demand doctor consultation app also increases convenience on the doctors side. Healthcare providers can give medical care to more patients with the app. It also improves job satisfaction by making it easier to meet with patients.
  • Better Quality of Care
    Many recent studies show that a virtual way to consult the doctors improves the quality of care with both medical and mental health problems. It was shown that the chances of hospital admissions and re-admissions drastically reduced. Also, the patients were more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital and had a greater engagement in their health.
  • Enhances Traditional face-to-face medicine
    High-quality patient care needs the base of a strong doctor-patient relationship for support. Among other factors, the proximity of the doctor to the patient is the primary ingredient in that relationship. The on-demand doctor consultation app helps in providing an adequate amount of that ingredient.

In this way among others, an app like this can support the traditional in-person medicine. It provides the flexibility and convenience of connecting with patients virtually for preliminary discussions, follow-ups, check-ups, and education when necessary.

To sum up, the on-demand doctor consultation app will certainly bring medical care closer to the people. With the right features, it will be equally beneficial for both the doctors and patients.

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