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  • 10 May 2022

Best Healthcare Mobile Marketing Agency in India | ComHes

Healthcare mobile marketing has seen a steady increase in recent years as a viable and resourceful tool for promoting a medical practice. According to a report by ciodive.com, 70% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With such massive traffic from mobile devices, adopting mobile marketing into your healthcare mobile marketing strategy has become an absolute necessity.

Healthcare Mobile marketing does not simply entail adapting your pre-existing marketing campaigns and adapting them for mobile devices. It is an intricate process of understanding the target audience which is reliant on their mobile devices and taking a mobile-first approach in marketing strategy. Your Healthcare marketing strategy thus is incomplete without inculcating some essential mobile marketing elements. These elements include: click to call advertising, social marketing, and creating mobile-centric web pages.

How Can ComHes Help You?

ComHes is the leading healthcare digital marketing agency in India; providing end-to-end solutions for all your healthcare mobile marketing needs.

With a multitude of healthcare mobile marketing services under our belt, we create a healthcare marketing strategy that helps drive more patients to your medical practice and assuredly increase your profits.

The healthcare mobile marketing services that we provide are:

Click to Call Advertising

Click to call advertising an online marketing tool that healthcare providers use to reach their target audience with ease. Under this healthcare practices use search engines to provide the clientele with a phone number to their practice. The clients can directly call the respective healthcare practitioners by clicking on the phone numbers. This tool has tremendously helped healthcare providers promote their services and reach a larger client base.

According to a report by softwareadvice.com, 94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate providers. With such a huge percentage relying on online reviews, healthcare providers must start harnessing the power of search engines to upscale their practice and drive more patients. And along with the click-to-call advertising tool, there will be a guaranteed rise in the number of patients visiting your healthcare practice.

Social Media Marketing

A key finding in research by Statista found that there are almost 420 billion active users on social media. Another research found that out of the active users, almost 61% are active through mobile devices. With such a large volume of users accessing social media through mobile devices, makes placing social media ads catered for mobile devices, a necessity.

Social media marketing for mobile devices requires extensive research into the behavior of the target audience on social media platforms. This behavior includes the time spent on social media websites, the specific times where the consumers are most active, and which social media websites they prefer. Every social media channel has its content formats and a healthcare social media marketing strategy should curate their social media posts and ads according to the different formats.

Curating Mobile-First Webpages

One of the most important aspects of healthcare mobile marketing is curating mobile-first webpages. It is a misconception that desktop webpages automatically optimize themselves for mobile devices. While mobile devices can preview desktop webpages, they are often unreadable and not at all accessible on mobile devices. To reach a larger audience, your healthcare practice must optimize your website for mobile devices. Some qualities which make a good mobile-first website are:

  • Less Cluttered
  • Bigger Fonts/ Easy Readability
  • Fast Loading
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Supports different screen sizes
  • Supports major mobile browsers.

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