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  • 22 Apr 2022

Best Healthcare Marketing Agency in India

Healthcare marketing is steadily becoming one of the most sought-after approaches for healthcare practices to reach a larger clientele. According to research by dialogtech.com, 'Healthcare companies' global advertising expenditure is projected to increase by 4.3%. Global ad spend has been climbing steadily and this trend is projected to continue." With such profuse expenditure on the marketing of healthcare services, the relevance of healthcare marketing services continues to grow.

The significant rise in healthcare marketing expenditure can be attributed to the massive availability of the Internet across the globe. One of the key findings of research at softwarefindings.com was that '94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate providers.' With the rapid shift to online mediums for healthcare practices, it naturally needs to keep up with the times.

With a multitude of services under their belt, healthcare marketing agencies in India can help your medical practice grow exponentially. These services include inbound marketing, mobile, and content marketing, along with traditional marketing activities.

Putting the word for your medical practice out there is equally essential as running a medical practice; if you want your practice to grow. Despite the size of your operations, healthcare marketing is one of the most fundamental courses of action you must follow to maximize the reach for your medical practice.

Benefits of Marketing of Healthcare Services to Hospitals

A planned, budgeted healthcare marketing strategy is an absolute necessity for your healthcare practice. Even if you're running a large hospital or a small clinic with less than 100 employees, old-fashioned advertising including word of mouth can only take you so far in terms of reach. If you don't have the best healthcare marketing agency in India to get your practice out there in the public, there is bound to be a stagnation in terms of patient volume in the future.

To keep driving patients and clients to your practice, a sound healthcare marketing strategy is paramount. Let us delve into some of the biggest benefits of having a healthcare marketing strategy for your practice.

Increase Your Patient Base

One of the foremost benefits of having a planned healthcare marketing strategy is a substantial increase in the patient base of your medical practice. Marketing of medical practices until now has been limited to mostly word of mouth or traditional media. These methods however fall short in establishing a substantial patient base in the longer run. A healthcare marketing strategy helps your practice to reach thousands of potential clientele, ultimately creating a larger clientele and driving more patients to your practice.

Increase Your Patient Base

Healthcare marketing sets you free from conventional advertising hours. With an online healthcare marketing campaign, you won't have to worry about office hours or staff wages and you get freedom from designing your campaign for different time zones. Along with everything else, one of the biggest advantages of an online campaign is that your clientele can contact you at any time irrespective of where they are.

Making Physicians Thought Leaders in Healthcare

Healthcare marketing services provide physicians with a chance to become thought leaders in their domain. Marketing videos where physicians talk about their expertise on medical topics create a lasting impression on patients. Patients are then more liable to go with a doctor with more expertise than someone else; this inadvertently drives more patients to your hospitals.

Accurate Monitoring of Consumer Behavior

The best healthcare marketing plan helps you monitor and understand your consumer behavior accurately. Be it a video or a simple social media post, you can easily monitor the audience's reaction towards it. Understanding the consumer behavior towards your marketing campaign can help you create better campaigns more suited to your consumer behavioral pattern.

Apart from improving your marketing campaign, an accurate report of your consumer behavior can help you in target marketing. You can curate campaigns based on a specific target audience. Catering to a specific target audience has numerous benefits. Primarily, There is higher client retention. Since your campaign is catered to the needs of a specific demographic, they are more likely to stick with you than go anywhere else. Secondly, you can gain a share of the market segment. This essentially means that once you know the local demographic in and out you can curate your services accordingly so that the local populace chooses you over other services.

How can ComHes Help You?

ComHes is a leading healthcare marketing agency in India. With a complete end-to-end solution for all your healthcare marketing needs, you can always be assured that your medical practice is in safe hands with us.

We help your practice through a plethora of healthcare marketing services including:

Content Marketing

We are foremost believers in getting the best image of your medical practice out there. And we achieve the very goal through our content marketing expertise. We understand the need to shine in a barrage of content that is available right now. Thus, through our intensive media campaigns, we highlight your services and your expertise, so that your medical practice can reach those who are in dire need.

Digital Marketing

Digital Healthcare Marketing is one of our foremost strategies to put your medical practice out in the world. In this, we focus on Blog Posts, Social Media Posts, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc for your marketing of healthcare services.

Blog Posts include sharing your medical-related expertise through articles that are to be shared on your website blog or different medical blogs.

Social Media Marketing includes harnessing the prowess of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn amongst others. These social media platforms are the best way to reach potential clientele directly. A report by Statista indicates that there are almost 3690 million active social media users in India. With such a gigantic number of users at our behest, adapting our marketing strategy to it is a very important step.

Video marketing has shown to be one of the foremost ways to establish your identity as an industry leader. Through our video marketing campaigns, we get your expertise in the medical industry to reach a larger audience. This in turn helps create a sense of trust in the potential clientele and making you their natural choice in the hour of need.

Mobile marketing includes optimizing your website, blog, and any other content for mobile phones. According to a report by Datareportal, there are 5.15 billion unique mobile users, making up 66% of the global population. With such humongous accessibility to mobile phones, market strategies need to adapt to reach the maximum number of people they can. We make sure that all the marketing campaigns which are designed are mobile friendly and can be accessed by anyone easily.

Traditional Marketing

Apart from utilizing the Internet as a medium for healthcare marketing, our strategies will include traditional marketing strategies as well. Through extensive research of the target demographic, we narrow down on a specific geographical location that seems to be the best area to advertise for your healthcare practice.

Traditional Marketing techniques include putting up billboards, putting out catchy advertisements in the newspapers, organizing talks and events that help to spread the word about your practice and highlight the services your healthcare practice provides.

We also focus on Below-the-line marketing (BTL Marketing). This marketing process focuses on cultivating a personal relationship with the consumer with the product or service. For your healthcare practice, we intend to engage in BTL Marketing through several different processes like setting up kiosks in trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail marketing, etc.

Growth and Strategy

We at ComHes, endeavor to put the best face of your healthcare practice with our healthcare marketing services and help your practice grow substantially. To help your practice grow, we engage in in-depth research about consumer behavior, target audience, and the potential areas to cover where your healthcare practice can be marketed. Along with bringing new patients into your practice, we help you grow as a healthcare practice as well as maximize your profits over time.

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