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  • 13 Apr 2022

Best Healthcare Market Research Firms in India

Market research is one of the most vital steps to any marketing strategy. It helps in understanding the target market better and in turn, helps the company to curate their services based on the research. The healthcare industry is heavily reliant on healthcare market research firms for promoting their services, hospitals, and clinics, and for good reason. Unless there is legitimate market research, medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics won't be able to understand their target audience which is inadvertently going to affect their market reach and the quality of their services.

For healthcare marketing, thorough market research becomes essential because, for one very particular reason, analytics only gives you the information on 'what the consumer wants, whereas market research gives you 'why the consumer wants it.' Understanding the psyche of the consumer and what dictates their actions when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider is paramount for any medical practice and thus arises the necessity of meticulous market research; healthcare market research firms can help you overcome these problems.

How Can ComHes Help You?

We provide an end-to-end solution for your healthcare market research needs. With our years of experience and collective business acumen, we understand healthcare marketing thoroughly and we endeavor to put our expertise to help your hospital or clinic grow exponentially.

We have many healthcare market research tools under our belt which will help drive more patients to your hospital or clinic. These tools include:

  • Surveys: Surveys are a set of open and close-ended questions, which help analyze the consumer behavior towards a service or a product. These surveys can be conducted online and offline; and are often really inexpensive and easy to conduct. Another advantage of these surveys is that they are very straightforward to analyze and give an incredible insight into the psyche of the consumer.
  • Interviews: Interviews include a face-to-face session with the target market. It is one of the best ways to get insight into the consumer's mind about the service. Not only that, interviews inculcate a greater empathy for the consumer which only helps in improving the services of the healthcare provider.
  • Focus Groups: A focus group is another vital tool that has a major role in healthcare market research. It essentially entails bringing together a group of people who fit the company's target market. There is a moderator who asks the focus group questions and moderates the conversation that ensues. The moderator makes sure that the conversation happening is centered around the product or service and their experience using the service. The conversation that goes on in the focus group gives an incredible insight into the service and consumer perception.
  • There are however some major drawbacks to focus groups. Firstly, there can be a dominance bias, this essentially means that one dominant person in the focus group tends to change the mind of others in the focus group towards the service. This can impact the unbiased nature of the focus group. Another obstacle that focus groups can face is a moderator style bias, in this instance, the moderator might be biased towards some aspects of the service and it can reflect the nature of the focus group conversation. Because of these drawbacks, new medical practices and clinics should not rely on focus groups for their market research.
  • To sum up, healthcare market research firms are essential if you wish to grow your healthcare practice. Market research plays a fundamental role in marketing strategy and helps doctors and medical service providers in improving their products and services. Healthcare market research firms further help in getting a legitimate insight into the mind of the consumers which tremendously helps in the growth of the products and services of a hospital or clinic.

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