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  • 09 Apr 2022

Best Healthcare Consulting Firms in India

The past few years have seen a massive rise in the relevance of healthcare consulting firms as major players in the healthcare industry. A brand essence market analyzed the steady growth of the healthcare consulting, reporting a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.71% and forecasting the healthcare consulting's global demand to reach USD 20 Billion in the coming future. The massive growth of healthcare consulting can be attributed to various factors including major technological advancements such as medical automation, the internet of things, advanced analytics, and other factors such as increased awareness of quality healthcare among the populace, increasing population leading to more patients bring driven to hospitals and clinics thereby making the healthcare industry prosperous.

India too has been seeing colossal growth in its healthcare sector. According to a report by the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the hospital industry size in India is expected to rise to USD 372 Billion in the near future. This growth can be the result of the changes that India has been witnessing in the healthcare sector lately. These changes include:

  • The Govt. of India plans to increase the healthcare spending of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) soon.
  • There has been a substantial increase in M&A in the healthcare sector. A spike of 155% was seen in FY19.
  • There is a large labor pool of highly skilled doctors and medical workers.
  • India has been at the forefront of the COVID vaccine drive and remains the country with the highest number of vaccinations done in a day.
  • There is a steady rise in the number of ayurvedic and homeopathic clinics and colleges.

The steady rise in the healthcare industry in India has naturally given a rise to the necessity of healthcare consultancy. With the Indian government trying to incentivize the healthcare industry to a rising healthcare awareness in the population, there is no better time to start a healthcare practice than now.

How Can Healthcare Consulting Firms in India Help You?

With a steadily rising pool of doctors and medical professionals in India, a need for healthcare consultancy has arisen. Whether it is setting up a solo practice, a small clinic, or a large hospital, healthcare consulting firms can help you tremendously in a lot of ways. There are several benefits to having a healthcare consultant by your side. These benefits include:

Streamlining and Increasing Productivity

A healthcare management consulting company is usually hired to make the organization and the management of a hospital more efficient and streamlined. A consultant can help a hospital in various ways including:

  1. A consultant can help in streamlining the patient intake of a hospital. A consultant can help organize and implement a system for managing the volume of patients in a hospital. This includes managing appointments, setting up a cohesive system to sort out patients based on their medical condition, etc.
  2. A consultant can help your medical practice by making a roadmap to better management. A consultant can understand the workings of a hospital and make a roadmap for better management including cutting down unnecessary costs, expanding into different medical specialties, etc.

Hospital Planning and Construction

Healthcare Consultation amongst its various benefits helps you with the planning and construction of your hospital, clinic, or healthcare practice as well. A healthcare consultant oversees the entirety of the planning and construction making sure that the vision you have for your hospital is achieved in every aspect. A hospital consultant guides you through the process of planning and construction from inception to completion. This includes preliminary planning which entails deciding the nature of the healthcare practice. A healthcare consultant can help you plan a variety of healthcare practices. They include:

Super Specialty Hospitals

This includes a specialized hospital that exclusively takes care of patients with a specific kind of illness.

IVF Centers

IVF centers are specialized centers that assist couples and individuals when it comes to issues with their fertility.

Pathology Labs

Pathology Labs are simply laboratories that help in the examination and analysis of several illnesses thereby helping the treating physician in creating individual treatment plans for patients. Pathology labs are varied in nature, there can be hospital labs (labs which are present in a hospital itself to provide in-house assistance to physicians), reference labs (usually private and specialized labs that deal exclusively with a specific type of tests that require complex machinery and specialized training), or public labs (labs which are open to the public for testing usually adept in testing infectious diseases).

Diagnostic Centers

Diagnostic centers are a specialized facility which helps in evaluating a patient's condition thoroughly by a series of tests including blood tests, urine tests, and X-rays, etc.

Dental Clinics

Dental clinics are specialized facilities where the physicians exclusively treat mouth, gum, teeth related diseases. This includes basic consultation as well as complex teeth and gum surgeries.

Eye Clinics

Eye clinics are healthcare practices that specialize in the treatment of eye-related illnesses and terminal diseases. Eye clinics often require complex equipment and a highly trained staff as eye treatments are often very delicate.

Cosmetic Surgery Centers

Cosmetic surgery centers deal with a unique discipline of medical sciences which involves the enhancement of physical features through surgical or other medical methods. Cosmetic surgeries are reconstructive and involve specialized equipment and a highly competent staff

Laser Clinics

Laser clinics are facilities that specialize in laser treatments. Laser treatments are varied in nature thus laser clinics offer a variety of treatments including, shrinkage and removal of tumors, destroying pre-cancerous cells, and laser treatments can be combined with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and various surgeries.

Increasing the Outreach

Apart from supervising the whole process of the construction of your hospital, clinic, or healthcare practice; healthcare consultants can help in increasing your outreach substantially. This includes involving several different types of marketing methodologies to help your healthcare marketing reach a larger client base. These marketing methods include creating a social media presence, creating an efficient and effective website, carrying out offline advertisements in newspapers, magazines.

Apart from this, a healthcare consultancy can also help you establish yourself as a thought leader where your potential clientele can see you as a leader of the industry. This is achieved through a series of seminars, podcasts, videos, and medical blogs, and articles where you can share your medical insight and experience. This helps in creating mutual trust with your clientele and eventually helps in driving more patients to your medical practice.

How Can ComHes Help You With Our Healthcare Consultancy?

ComHes is one of India's leading healthcare consulting firms. We can help achieve your dream of building and running a medical practice, be it a hospital, clinic, or a solo practice effortlessly and hassle-free.

We provide end-to-end healthcare consulting solutions with a multitude of services under our belt to help you build your medical practice. These services include:

Preliminary Planning

Our team of dedicated healthcare consultants can assist in your endeavor to build a hospital, clinic, or solo medical practice from the preliminary stages itself. This includes understanding the nature of the medical; whether it'll be a single or multi-specialty hospital, small clinic, or solo practice. Further, we help in conceptual cost modeling to estimate the project costs before allocating specific budgets.

Pre-construction and Document Review

Pre-construction includes a variety of tasks including scouting for new investments, identifying potential risks and obstacles, and evaluating a master plan for the whole project. This includes getting an architectural agency on board that fits the vision to work on the project with equal zest. Further, our healthcare consultants can help you prepare and execute all the necessary paperwork including land lease agreements, municipal permits, etc.


Construction includes collaborating with the architectural agency in the erection of the hospital or clinic building. Our healthcare consultants oversee every little detail about the construction and make sure that everything is in order. Our consultants supervise the construction to its conclusion making sure that everything is according to your specific vision.

Setting-up the Medical Practice

After the building is deemed fully functional and ready to use, our consultants will also help you with the process of equipping your hospital with state-of-art technology, providing healthcare centers with upto 100 beds, hiring the required staff, and supervising the whole process of making the hospital ready for patients accoutred with specialized equipment, doctors, nurses, and technical staff.

Apart from making your hospital or clinic fully functional, our healthcare consultants will also make sure that everything in the hospital is up to code and further, the consultant will facilitate the necessary NABH accreditation, which is required by a healthcare practice to operate in India.

Help You Market and Promote Your Hospital

Our healthcare consultants after overseeing everything from the ideation of the project will also help you with the marketing and promotion of your hospital or clinic. This is done in several ways. Traditional marketing tropes are employed, such as billboards, trade fair kiosks, flyers, newspaper advertisements, seminars, etc. Along with traditional marketing, the effectiveness of the internet is harnessed through digital marketing. Social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, mobile marketing, email marketing, along several other tools, your hospital or clinic can reach a tremendous amount of potential clientele with the help of a healthcare consulting firm.

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