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  • 06 Feb 2023

7 Global Medical Marketing Trends 2023

What is that one thing which is ever-evolving in the healthcare industry? - Marketing trends! And it's not very unusual for the healthcare marketing trends to change ever so often, as a new lease of life is only created when technology and professionals in the healthcare space adapt to present conditions. When there is an upgrade or improvement in a certain industry, it's always necessary to have an outreach programme, a.k.a. Marketing or, in this case, medical marketing. Nothing wrong in banking on current developments to produce new and improved healthcare advertising trends.

On top of that, as if the ever-changing pattern in healthcare marketing trends wasn't enough, the pandemic in 2020 came into the picture and forced medical staff and professionals to change, evolve and adapt more rapidly to pivot the marketing trends in healthcare. Now that we know why and the reason behind why medical marketing trends are ever-evolving, let's find out the top 7 global healthcare marketing trends for 2023.

Top 7 Global Healthcare Marketing Trends For the Year 2023

Telehealth Services

In 2023, more things are going to be online than ever before, and if your healthcare practice doesn't have a window for online consultation, you are just missing out on potential clients big time. Telehealth services require very little setup costs beyond your existing costs, which makes it all the more lucrative, so make sure you opt for it before 2023 and make the most of patient acquisition.

Personalised Healthcare Ads

Advertisements need to cater to patients who have the problems you are trying to solve. For this reason, advertisements need to cater to specific problems in the first place. When you bring a solution to a patient who faces the problem or their relatives with personalised healthcare ads, you are much more likely to get them to consult you than any others.

Incorporate Reviews & Testimonials

Patient trust is everything in the medical industry, and there is no better way to build patient trust than with positive patient reviews and testimonials. This will help your brand be more trustworthy for other people and acquire more patients in through the door. Make sure your website, social media platforms, and all other methods of communication with your target audience focus on showcasing testimonials and reviews.

Utilise Multiple Marketing Channels

Putting all your eggs in one basket will not reap great results, especially in 2023. So, make sure you are utilising all the options that are available to you, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, or any other platform. This way, you will also be able to get consistent results and bring your services to new user bases all the time.

Focus On Patient Experience

User experiences are key to converting leads. If your patients feel valued and comfortable in communicating about their problems when dealing with your staff (online or offline), it creates a smooth and memorable experience for them. This in turn improves patient retention and word-of-mouth marketing organically.


For the longest time now, SEO has been relevant no matter what industry, no matter what innovation. It's showing no signs of stopping, even in 2023. Search engines are the number one place people go to find a solution to their problems, and if your institution or practice is not present there, you are missing out on all of the action. Focus on SEO and content marketing to add value to your patient's experience and acquire new patients while retaining your existing patient base.

Personalised Questionnaire

Today people are more informed about their health thanks to search engines; instead of letting it become a disadvantage for your practice, you can use it to your advantage by creating personalised diagnosis questionnaires for your patients. The interactivity of the form will keep your patients engaged, and the diagnosis, in the end, will make them more likely to take action for their problems immediately.


The global medical marketing industry is rapidly opting for new and improved technology. From thousands of trends that emerge annually, these are the seven that will help you get that competitive edge over your competitors in 2023.

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