We, at ComHes, are at the forefront of healthcare solutions in India. We provide you with end-to-end solutions for new and traditional marketing for your healthcare practice. We assess the marketing needs of your healthcare practice and tailor our marketing plan accordingly so that you can shine in an increasingly competitive environment.

Marketing Communications in this day and age needs to address more than just solutions. Patients look for trust, engagement and a friendly healthcare ecosystem that goes beyond lip service.

At ComHes, our endeavour is to bridge the gap between healthcare institutions and patients to make their relationship more watertight, tech-enabled, and result-oriented.


ComHes comes from the Ex- Promoter and executive Director of RG Stone Hospital, Hanish Bansal. With 25 years of experience in healthcare, with expertise in scaling hospital revenue, sales and branches, Hanish Bansal brings both old school and new age digital marketing strategy to the table.

I aspire to bring seamless operation, better patient experience, and world-class healthcare with technology, know-how and empathy. With my 23 year experience in healthcare, I vow to make both hospitals and patients more enabled and happier..

Hanish Bansal

Founder & CEO


We are Healthcare Marketers with expertise in providing a digital presence and well-created platform to the brands who are emerging and wish to place their healthcare facilities at the best version possible.
We come with 23 years of Operations and Marketing experience, and the passion for building brands together has grown and crossed leaps and bounds with time.
We help clients create their brand image and increase their brand value with the upbeat and agile marketing strategies that they'll follow.
Considering the importance of effective ROI and an increase in patient flow, we design the most impactful methods of implementing the investment in the right way.
With our expertise, we create the bridge between doctor and patient for better communication. Our effort goes around on how to communicate the right message to the patient. Having the right content is the most important job.

The vision of our company is to provide the best marketing practices to the healthcare system which are backed by the latest digital tools and analytics. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that bring results and are determined to outperform your expectations with every project we undertake.

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